Pet assure was founded to help pet owners find affordable veterinary services for their pets, the firm does not offer health insurance plan; rather has a veterinary discount plan that offers 25% off all vet bills from participating vets.

For just a small amount of money, pet owners with more than one pet can now have peace of mind and guaranteed savings on their pet needs. Pet assures covers every type of pet with no exclusion or limitations.

Members of the Pet Assure discount plans will receive a full 25 percent discount on veterinary care from any of its in-network veterinarians. One of the benefits of being part of pet assure is that members get discounted veterinary care, supplies, and services for a low annual fee, there is also no annual limit of deductibles to meet.

Also, Pet Assure discount plan covers medical care provided in a vet clinic such as dental cleaning, sick visit, routine care, surgical procedure, emergency care, parasite screening, tumor removal, and hospitalization.

Animal Covered: Pet Assures provide discount plans for all types of pet that are of various breeds, ages, or health condition

Monthly cost: With Pet Assure, you will get a discount plan of $6.58 per month for one small animal and $8.25 for one large animal. The Pet Assure Unlimited Plans gives you $16. 58 per month that covers all types of animal.

Coverage: Pet assures covers medical care; you get 25 percent discount on all medical cares including pre-existing conditions such as spays and neuters, dental cleaning, routine care and vaccinations, dental exams and x-rays. Pet Assure also covers emergency care, cancer care, diabetes treatment, hospitalization, allergy treatments, wellness, ultrasound, sick visits, tumor removal, parasite screenings, surgical procedures and many more.

Exclusion: There are no exclusions. Instead, Pet Assures provide discounts for pre-existing conditions. It also includes coverage for exotic pets and all plans that are not covered by other pet insurance firms that provides comprehensive pet insurance plan.

Deductibles: With Pet Assure there are no deductibles and no limits to how often your pet visits the vet. Pet Assures pays 25 percent of your vet bill at any time you pay a visit to the Vet.

Waiting periods: With Pet Assure there is no waiting period, unlike some insurance firms that have five to 10 months waiting period. You just need to apply and receive your discount.

Payout Limits: There are no payout limits, instead pet owners receive discounts when they visit the pet clinic

Age Limits: Unlike other pet insurance firms, Pet Assure discount plans has no age limit for pets.

Finally, Pet Assure is a cost-effective alternative for pet owners who want to save some money while taking their pets for a vet visit. Pet owners with healthy pets who take their animals for regular vet visit will benefit more by investing in Pet Assure discount plan.