Founded in 2004 by Brent and his colleague Landson in Jeffersonville, Indiana, PetFirst is one of the leading pet health insurance in North America that has helped thousands of families pay for their vet care cost. PetFirst provides insurance coverage for dogs and cats irrespective of their age and breeds. 

Animals covered: These include dogs and cats irrespective of their age and breeds.

Coverage: Pet first provides insurance coverage for the following: Accidents, Illnesses (incl. hereditary, congenital, & chronic conditions), Hospitalization, surgeries, Diagnostic Tests, Exam Fees, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Medications, Holistic Care & Alternative Therapies, Emergency Care, and Much More.

Your pets are also covered for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Anterior Cruciate Ligamaents, Medial Cruciate, Posterior Cruciate Ligaments, Cranial Cruciate Ligaments tears after a waiting period of one year.

Some other services not part of the original coverage such as Teeth cleaning or polishing, Routine examinations like annual vet exam, routine tests or screens, Vaccines, Spaying and neutering, Behavior training, Preventive treatment for parasites, such as fleas & heartworms, Microchipping e.t.c. can be obtained at a few extra costs.

Plan options: Various annual benefit amounts, chronic care and no lifetime or per-incident limits are offered by pet-first insurance to pets of all ages. The plans are so flexible that pet owners can choose their rates of deductibles and reimbursement to suit the condition of your pet and your budget. Some of the most popular plans are listed below but can still be customized for you and your pet.

· Cost-conscious plan: Features an annual benefit of $2,000, deductible amount of $250 and a reimbursement rate of 80%. This plan is also eligible for pets of all ages.

· Recommended plan: This plan offers an annual benefit of $5,000 and a deductible of $250. The reimbursement rate is also at 80% and is eligible for all pets

· Additional coverage plan: Have the same features with the recommended plan but a higher annual benefit of $10,000. These coverage plan can be further enhanced by adding a routine care rider to offset wellness cost. Routine care riders can be purchased from $125, $250 to $400.

Exclusions: The following are excluded from PetFirst Insurance plan. Pre-existing Conditions, Elective Procedures, Expression or removal of anal glands or anal sacculitis, Breeding or conditions related to breeding, Pet food, special diet, vitamins, mineral supplements, Grooming costs and bathing (incl. medicated baths), Behavioral Training, Orthodontics, endodontics, & removal of deciduous teeth, Organ Transplants, Parasite prevention, parasite treatment, and illnesses transmitted by parasites (incl. fleas & ticks), Illness or injury which arises out of racing, coursing, commercial guarding, or organized fighting of your pet, Routine wellness & preventative care.

Waiting period: PetFirst has a waiting period of 12 months for damages to cruciate ligament or disc disease. Accidents are attended to immediately while illness has a 14 day processing period.

Annual limits: Pet first usually offer a lower annual limit than other pet insurance companies. Their annual limit ranges from $2,000 to $10,000.

Deductibles per incident: Deductibles might be $50, $100, $250, $500. You should remember that deductibles in Petfirst operates as per a policy year and not a calendar year. Reimbursement rate: Reimbursement rate can be 70%, 80%, 90%. It also offers a routine coverage rate known as Routine 125, Routine 250 and Routine 400 in respect to the amount they offer towards wellness per year.

Finally, though there are various negative reviews about Pet first insurance company, it is not possible to determine whether these negative comments can genuinely represent the reputation of these company. Therefore, it is essential to carry out extensive research and consider the ups and downs before buying a Pet first insurance policy.